Roman Catholic Community

Catholic Chaplaincy at Wellesley College (logo)

The Roman Catholic Chaplaincy works with Newman Ministry, the Catholic student group, to enrich community life for students on-campus and to offer opportunities to develop a greater understanding of one's faith.

The Wellesley College Newman Catholic Community seeks to foster an environment that strengthens one’s spirituality and understanding of the Roman Catholic Church. Embracing Cardinal Newman’s ideology that intellect and spirit go hand in hand, we hope to become living witnesses as educated, passionate, and faithful Catholic leaders. Respecting the dignity of every person, we challenge one another to “love your neighbor as yourself.”
The Wellesley College Newman Catholic Community is inclusive of all members of the college community. As a universal church, we welcome people of all cultures, ethnicities, races, languages, sexual orientations, genders, and ages. Recognizing the spectrum of opinion within the Church, we welcome all Catholics. We encourage everyone to take the unique opportunity that Newman affords to explore the diversity within the Church. The Newman community will meet you wherever you are on your faith journey and walk by your side – as one united and supportive Catholic Community.

Catholic Mass is held at 4pm Sundays in Houghton Chapel, directly followed by Fellowship and Dinner in the Multifaith Center.


Chaplain Office Hours

Chaplain Sarah Robbins-Cole Office Hours (Billings 309):

Monday 1:30 - 3 pm

Wednesday 1 - 2 pm 

Weekly Offerings

Catholic Mass

Christian Community Fellowship

Sunday at 4pm

Sunday at 5pm

Houghton Chapel

MFC Main Room