Protestant Community at Wellesley College

As a community, we represent a broad cross section of Protestant denominations, as well as seekers from other religions and traditions. We provide opportunities for fellowship and friendship, celebrations, study, prayer, and worship. Responding to the needs of the great diversity of Protestant students at Wellesley, Protestant Life offers a variety of educational, social, and spiritual activities throughout the year. In addition to our regular weekly programing, we also hold a retreat each term, opportunities for community service, and outings to area churches. Each week students on the Christian Life Community email list will receive an email advertising the many Christian events on campus during the following week.

In addition to mainline Protestant denominations including Baptist, Episcopal, Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian, and United Church of Christ, we also have many students from nondenominational and evangelical backgrounds. We also host other Christian Orgs on campus such as Asian Baptist Student Koinonia, Awaken the Dawn, City Life, Cru, and Intervarsity. 

The Protestant community gathers Sunday evenings in the Multifaith Center. All are welcome to our programming.


Chaplain Sarah Robbins-Cole

Office Hours (Billings 306)

Mondays 10am - 2pm or by appointment (email


Weekly Programing

The Christian Life Community of Wellesley College is made up of many different Christian Student Organizations representing the breadth and depth of Christian expression.  For example, each week there are gatherings for


Protestant Worship Service

Christian Life Dinner

Christian Life Office Hours

Sunday at 4 pm

Sunday at 4:45 pm

Wednesday at 4 pm

Multifaith Center

Multifaith Center/Chapel Lawn

Chapel Lawn/Billings 206


Reverend Sarah Robbins-Colesrobbin3@wellesley.edu781.283.3484.


Additional Programs: 

  • Prayer Groups on Mondays and Fridays

  • Bible Study in Lulu on Wednesday

  • Citylife Bible Study on Thursday

  • Plus gatherings of Awaken the Dawn (an a capella group), Cru, Intervarsity, Asian Baptist Student Koinonia, and more…visit our student orgs page.