The Darshana Hindu community at Wellesley College includes students of all backgrounds. We gather as a community for meditation, discussion, celebrations and for puja. We offer activities throughout the year, including campus celebrations for Diwali and Holi. Darshana aims to promote awareness of the Hindu faith, build community, cultivate personal spiritual growth and inclusiveness. Members of Darshana meet to explore our rich and ancient tradition, and also reinterpret the meaning of being a Hindu in contemporary times. We welcome students who practice or have been exposed to all degrees of Hinduism to join us.

Hindu tradition, culture, and theology, in a contemporary context, are important pillars of Darshana. The Darshana community seeks to be authentic and accessible, in order to nourish students with a wide range of observances, practices, and identities.Together, we create a community based on a progressive ideology of Hinduism that is accepting of all cultural differences, embodies tolerance, provides mentorship, and creates a welcoming space for Wellesley students.

Darshana is a Vision For the Future...near and far. It aims at nurturing the spiritual and religious aspirations of the students of Wellesley College, who will play important roles in the creation of a more peaceful and just world system. As these students, not always of Hindu descent, discover their own deep connection to the spiritual and ethical message of the Hindu tradition, they also develop a 'Darshana', a vision, of their own role in a peaceful world to come.

For more information, please contact College Chaplain and Hindu Community Coordinator Rumni Saha.

Chaplains are also available for counseling - Why Talk to a Chaplain?

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Hindu Community/Darshana



Holi Celebration

Thursday at 3 pm

TBD annually

TBD annually

Multifaith Center Meditation Room


Chapel Lawn