Darshana is a Vision For the Future...

near and far. It aims at nurturing spiritual and religious aspirations of the young women of Wellesley College who will play important roles in the creation of a more peaceful and just world system. It draws on the philosophical thought and practices of Hindu traditions, which, in their rich diversity, celebrate the multiplicity of spiritual endeavors in human communities. 

As these young women, not always of Hindu descent, discover their own deep connection to the spiritual and ethical message of the Hindu tradition, they also develop a 'Darshana', a vision, of their own role in a peaceful world to come. 


What is Darshana?

Darshana is the Hindu religious community at Wellesley College. Members of Darshana meet to explore this rich and ancient tradition, and also reinterpret the meaning of being a Hindu in contemporary times. We welcome students who practice or have been exposed to all degrees of Hinduism to explore a deeper understanding of the faith. 

We hope we will receive your support, omments and suggestions. 

We are dedicated to developing strong links with Darshana Alumni, and welcome their support and involvement. 

Activities Throughout the Year
  • Celebration of Hindu festivals such as Diwali, Navratri, Holi and others to which the Wellesley Community is invited
  • Annual Darshana lecture in March
  • Guest speakers are invited to give guidance on various aspects of Hindu practice
  • Sessions on yoga, meditation, and other practices
  • Watching Indian epics, the Mahabharata and the Tamayana
  • Temple visits and field trips

Additionally, Darshana is comitted to the application of Hindu principles. In the past, we have been able to provide students with the opportunity to travel to India on Service Trips. 

Moments of Pride and Joy
  • Installation of our small shrine in the Meditation Room, with all proper consecration rites, performed entirely by Wellesley women
  • Participation by Darshana members in all Interfaith Services at Wellesley, offering prayers and dnace
  • Active involvement of Darshana members in the Multi-Faith Council at Wellesley College
  • Participation in the Inter-collegiate Hindu students group
  • Darshana retreats