The Houghton Chapel

Houghton Chapel Information:

The Chapel

Houghton Chapel sits at the center of the Wellesley College campus. The Chapel is used for weekly worship as well as for musical and educational events. In scheduling ceremonies, it is important to realize that the Chapel’s availability is limited and is dependent upon many other College activities. Reminder: there is no air conditioning in the Chapel.

Standard Set-up

The Chapel set-up is as follows: 400 chairs in straight rows with a 90 foot center aisle, two wooden screens located on the stage, a large wooden altar table located on the floor in front of the stage, a Grand Piano on the floor to the right of the stage, and a Fisk Organ located to the rear of the Chapel. A non-standard set-up can be arranged (see details below) by contacting the Chapel Coordinator at least 4 weeks prior to your ceremony. The Chapel may seat up to 750 people by special arrangement. Please note that a non-standard set-up is subject to an additional fee (see details below).

Non-Standard Set-Up

Additional fees may occur for non-standard set up in the Chapel (i.e special placement of the chapel chairs or the removal or replacement of other chapel items). These special requests require additional technicians and custodial staff to be on-duty at an over-time rate, on average ranging between $150 to $300, which will be discussed and confirmed with the renter prior to the date of your ceremony.

Any special set-up will require notice at least 4 weeks prior to your ceremony. This will ensure that the proper work-order can be placed and completed. For further information, please contact the Chapel Coordinator

Available Equipment

The Chapel is equipped with the following items:
• A large table approximately 3' x 6' used as a worship table, which may be used for flowers
• A large wooden podium with microphone
• A movable wooden floor podium with/without a microphone
• Two candleholders for the worship table that hold one pillar candle 3” in diameter
     * Please note that candles and matches are not provided.
• Kneeling bench that can accommodate up to two people

* Please note that there are no small tables provided for your ceremony; however, you may bring one into the chapel.

Handicap Accessibility

The Houghton Chapel is accessible by means of a ramp to the east transept door. The Multifaith Center is accessible through the center entrance located off of the Chapel Plaza. There is an elevator located between the upstairs (the Chapel) and the ground floor (Multifaith Center) where the restrooms are located. For questions regarding handicap accessibility, please contact the Coordinator of the Houghton Chapel and Multifaith Center.