Photo courtesy of: CoCo Boardman

The Multifaith Center

Opened in the fall of 2008, the Multifaith Center offers a spiritual environment for people of all religious traditions and spiritual practices. The worship space in the center main room will seat up to 150 people. Like the Chapel, the Multifaith Center’s availability is subject to College use of the space. The Multifaith Center is available for small receptions (please see the Fees section). Restrooms are available in the Multifaith Center. Reminder: there is no air conditioning in the Multifaith Center.

Handicap Accessibility

The Multifaith Center is accessible through the center entrance located off of the Chapel Plaza. Houghton Chapel is accessible by means of a ramp to the east transept door.There is an elevator located between the upstairs (the Chapel) and the ground floor (Multifaith Center) where the restrooms are located. For questions regarding handicap accessibility, please contact the Coordinator for the Houghton Chapel and Multifaith Center.