Photos courtesy of: CoCo Boardman


Flowers and Runners

You must make your own arrangements for flowers and runners to be placed in the Chapel, Multifaith Center or Arboretum.  Depending on the Chapel schedule, your florist may deliver flowers one hour prior to your ceremony.  Any special arrangements can be made by contacting Amy O’Toole, Coordinator for the Houghton Chapel and Multifaith Center by phone: (781)283-2615 or e-mail:

Flowers may be placed on the Worship table, provided the wood is protected, or on standing holders, which must be supplied by your florist. You are responsible for removing all flowers from the Chapel after the ceremony as a courtesy to other events scheduled.

Runners are usually acquired through your florist as well. The center aisle in the chapel is 90 feet long.

The Fisk Organ

Currently only one pipe organ is available for use in the rear of the chapel.  It is a Charles Fisk Renaissance replica in the gallery.  Music on the Fisk can be played only by an organist who is a specialist in the field, and pre-approved by the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life.  

Please note that our experience has shown that it can be very difficult for the organist to know when to change ceremony music. Appointing someone in your wedding party to do so may be a preferable way for your organist to be cued.

The organists listed below have been pre-approved by the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life (ORSL).

  • James David Christie (Wellesley College organist and Boston Symphony organist): 

e-mail: - phone: 508.652.9937

  • John Finney (organist of Wellesley Hills Congregation Church and Artist in Residence at Boston College)

e-mail: - phone: 508.652.9938

  • David Carrier (organist of Wellesley Village Congregational Church and director of the Newton Choral Society)

e-mail: - phone: 617.323.0520

  • Jennifer McPherson (Organ Scholar at College of the Holy Cross and Boston organist)

e-mail: - phone: 207.475.2456 


The Piano

There is a Grand piano located at the front of The Chapel for use by a pianist during your ceremony and is tuned four times a year. All arrangements for hiring a pianist of your choice must be made directly.

Microphone & Speakers

There are no microphones or speakers available in the chapel for public use. If your event will require the use of a microphone or speakers, our preferred vendor is Mark Okun. All such arrangements can be made by contacting him directly at 617.584.2777.