Photos courtesy of: CoCo Boardman


Flowers and Runners

You must make your own arrangements for flowers and runners to be placed in the Chapel, Multifaith Center, Arboretum, or Alumnae Hall Event Lawn.  Depending on the Chapel schedule, your florist may deliver flowers one hour prior to your ceremony.  Any special arrangements can be made by contacting the Chapel Coordinator.

Flowers may be placed on the worship table, provided the wood is protected, or on standing holders, which must be supplied by your florist. You are responsible for removing all flowers from the Chapel after the ceremony as a courtesy to other events scheduled. 

Runners are usually acquired through your florist as well. The center aisle in the chapel is 90 feet long.


The clergy person who is officiating at your wedding must approve all musical selections to be performed at the wedding. 

Courtesy and professional etiquette require that the Wedding Organist (or their designate) play at all weddings that use the Chapel Organ. The services of the Wedding Organist do not automatically come with booking a wedding, and require a professional fee.  You must contact the Wedding Organist about playing for your wedding, contracting other musicians, and/or approving other musicians at least six months in advance.

You must make your own financial arrangements with the Organist or musican(s). The musician fees must be paid in full prior to the ceremony. Often the planning of the music can be handled via telephone or e-mail for services with the organ and/or trumpet. For services involving several soloists or a complicated liturgy, a personal consultation is advised. The Organist will be glad to help you engage the services of an instrumentalist or vocalist for your ceremony, or to work with a soloist of your choosing. The rehearsal time must be planned around the schedule of the Organist and availability of the space with the College, and is subject to an additional custodial fee.

There is one small microphone available for use in the Houghton Chapel attached to the Podium. For additional needs for microphones and speakers, please see the Preferred Vendor Lists.