Durant Memorial Windows

 The Durant Memorial Windows were  dedicated in May 1925 in memory of Henry F. and Pauline A. Durant, the founders of Wellesley College, and were given by the Alumnae Association. They were created by the Boston studio Reynolds, Francis, and Rohnstock, and designed by Estelle Hurll, who passed away before the project was completed. The windows bear a theme of love and service. This group of three windows comprises all the opening in the apse of the Chapel. The overall theme of the central window is 'The Love of God', and depicts Christ in Glory flanked by St. John the Evangelist and St. Paul in the side lancets. The three medallions underneath feature the Nativity, Jesus on the Cross, and St. Paul in prison writing epistles. 

The side windows are themed 'The Call to Service' on the left, and 'The Life of Service' on the right. These themes are expressed in the windows by twelve medallions featuring subjects chosen from both Biblical and secular sources. The inscription reads, 'To the glory of God and in remembrance of the Founders of this college and their beloved son.' 

The restoration of these windows was given by Patricia Kopf Colagiuri, Class of 1955, in memory of her parents Elizabeth and Rudolph Kopf.


Shafer Window

 Placed in 1901, this window is dedicated to Helen Almira Shafer, class of 1891 and third president of the College, who died while in office. The window has a theme of 'semita certe' or 'The True Path' extolling virtue. The window is an allegory to celebrate the example set for young women through Shafer's virtuous life. It was designed and created by John La Farge Studios.



Peck Window

 Placed in 1901, this window is in memory of Angie Lacey Peck, Senior Class President of 1890, and was given by the Class of 1890. She was addressed as 'the Princess', in line with the tradition of courtly titles of class officers. In reflection of Peck's love of poetry, the window is named 'Poetess on the Ivory Tower.' It was designed and created by John La Farge Studios.



Claflin Window

 This window is in memory of Mary Bucklin Claflin, Wellesley's first female Trustee, who served from from 1873 until her death in 1896. It was given by her husband William Claflin, the former Governor of Massachusetts, who signed the charter for the College and served as Trustee from 1873 until his death in 1905. The window is thought to have been created by Frederick Wilson, a stained glass designer at Tiffany. It was placed in the Chapel in 1898, and represents St. Elizabeth teaching St. John the Baptist..



New Triptych Windows, expected 2016

 Currently in the design phase, this project was made possible by the generous donation of Patricia Kopf Colagiuri, Class of 1955. This new three-window series is expected to be placed in the chapel in 2016. These windows will be the result of a design process engaging students, staff, and faculty from a wide variety of backgrounds and beliefs whose experiences contribute to the mosaic that is Wellesley College.



Smith Window

 This window is in memory of Mary Fraser Smith, class of 1896, and College Recorder (1915-33), given in 1925 by her brother, Persifor F. Smith. The window has a theme of loyalty and was designed and created by Reynolds, Francis, and Rohnstock of Boston. Of note in this window: 'Non Ministrari, Sed Ministrare' on her scroll and at the bottom, the school's coat of arms and the seal of the alumnae association. The window is also referred to as 'Fidelitas' or faithfulness.



Wright Window

 This window is in memory of Margaret Peck Wright, who studied with the Class of 1912, and Ruth Peck Noone, Class of 1915, and was given by their loving granddaughter and niece Mari E. Wright, Class of 1960, with the vision of a global Wellesley College in mind. The window is titled Veritas, or Truth, and is in series with the Smith and Gamble windows. The figure is depicted holding the light of truth, styled as a Wellesley lantern. Underneath the figure are the three keys of the College: to the Library, to College Hall, and to the Chapel. 

The lower section of the window depicts a 'world tree of knowledge' encircled by symbols representing the following traditions: Buddhist, Jewish, Muslim, Jain, Zoroastrian, Pagan, African Spiritual Traditions, Baha'i, Native American and Indigenous Peoples' Spiritual Traditions, Unitarian Universalist, Humanist-Secular-Agnostic-Atheist, Sikh, and Christian. 
At the base of the window is a quotation from the seventh College President, Mildred McAfee Horton: 'The day we learn that differences do not necessarily involve discriminatory evaluations, vast problems of human relations will be solvable.'



Gamble Window

 The Gamble window was dedicated on June 17, 1939 in memory of Eleanor Gamble, class of 1889 and professor of psychology from 1898-1933. The window was a gift by her classmates of the class of 1889. The window features St. Francis, whose attributes of humility and 'simplicity of manner' were shared by Eleanor Gamble. The inscription reads 'Wisdom, expressive of the great Teacher.' It was designed and created by Reynolds, Francis, and Rohnstock of Boston. It is also called 'Sapientia', or wisdom.



Sherwood Windows

 The Sherwood Windows were designed based on suggestions made by Martha Hale Shackford, class of 1896, and later Professor of English Literature, and created by Joseph G. Reynolds of Reynolds, Francis, and Rohnstock in 1958. The Central concept of the windows is derived from the poem, The Pilgrim, written by Professor of English, Sophie Jewett, to her friend and fellow professor Margaret Sherwood, Class of 1895 and Professor Emeritus of English Literature (1889-1931) at Wellesley College. 

The Pilgrim 
Pilgrim feet, pray whither bound? 
Pilgrim eyes, pray whither bent? 
Sandal-shod and travel-gowned, 
Lo, I seek the way they went 
Late who passed toward Holy Land. 

The center window depicts a figure of a female pilgrim and the indication of a medieval fortified town, a symbol of a pilgrimage to faraway places. Beneath the pilgrim, three angels are featured, signifying philosophy, nature, and theology. The figure in the left window is a representation of St. Catherine of Alexandria, noted for her wisdom, and flanked by symbols of her martyrdom. The prendella beneath the left window depicts St. Catherine and the doctors of Maxentius. The right window features St. Brendan of Confert, and several of his attributed symbols. His prendella is a depiction of St. Brendan's voyage to the Land of Promise of the Saints.



Jewett Window

 The Jewett Window was given in 1913 by members of the college in memory of Sophie Jewett, associate Professor of English from 1889 to 1909. The details reflect her love of Dante Alighieri and the window depicts The Descent of Angels from his Divine Comedy. It is believed to have been designed by Tiffany.


Brooks Window

 This window was dedicated in January 1910 to the memory of Bishop Phillips Brooks, honorary member of the class of 1889. The window was a gift from the class of 1998 as their 20th anniversary gift to the college. This window was created by Tiffany, and depicts Christ and the Daughter of Jairus. It is titled 'He Took Her by the Hand and the Maid Arose.' The restoration was given in honor of Ruth and Paul Winter by their daughter Bunny Winter, Class of 1970, and Michael Doyle.



Green Window

 The Green Window was given in 1903 in memory of Cornelia Elizabeth Green, Class of 1892, by her sister Eleanor Green, also Class of 1892, and their classmates. It was designed and created by Tiffany. The window depicts Raphael the archangel, protector of pilgrims and travelers. The imagery reflects Green's love of writing.



Houghton Windows

 This window was given in memory of Sarah Jane Houghton, wife of Trustee William S. Houghton, by her children Clement and Elizabeth Houghton and placed in the chapel in 1908. The work is meant as an illustration of the hymn 'Glory be to God on high, and peace on earth, good will to all.' The text reads 'Gloria in excelsis Deo.' The window was designed by Frederick Wilson and created by Tiffany Studios.



Tree and River of Life Windows

 The Tree and River of Life windows were installed in 2010 and given by Sarah Naas Mauger Veil, Class of 1961, and Margaret Lydia Mauger, Class of 1989, in memory of Lydia Naas Raunecker, Class of 1958, as part of the Houghton Chapel renovation and Multifaith Center construction projects. These two windows were intended to create a natural scene that lifts the spirits of all members of the Wellesley College community, regardless of religious tradition or spiritual practice. The windows were designed by Yaroslav Slavin and Natalya Slavina, and was created by Serpentino Stained Glass of Needham, Massachusetts in the Tiffany Style.