Chaplaincy Offerings

Weekly Study Circle

The Muslim Chaplaincy offers a week study circle (halaqa) led by the Muslim advisor. The halaqa usually includes readings from the Qur'an,  study of the life and teachings of the Prophet Muhammed, and discussion related to the practice of Islam and the development of personal spiritual practice. 

Friday Jum'ah Prayers

Students, Faculty and Staff gather weekly on Fridays at 12:30 for reflection and prayer in the Multifaith Center Prayer Room, ground level of Houghton Chapel.

Religious Holidays
During Ramadan, the month of fasting, the Muslim Chaplain offers opportunities for Muslims to break fast together and offer communal prayers. On the days of Eid, the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life and the student group Al-Muslimat (ALM) collaborate to host a communal Eid dinner on campus. Our office also helps to coordinate transportation for students to travel together to local mosques to pray the Eid prayer.
Day of Arafat:                    9/23 4-6 AM, Suhr and Fajr prayers in MFC
Eid Al-Adha Prayer Trip:  9/24 7AM-9:30 AM  RSVP to aquraish
Eid Al-Adha Lunch           9/24 12:30-2 PM in MFC