Prayer Room
Muslim students often gather and offer prayers in the Multifaith Prayer Room, located in the Multifaith Center in the ground level of Houghton Chapel. Like all spaces in the Multifaith Center, the Prayer Room is an open space to be shared by the entire Wellesley Community. The Prayer Room holds a collection of Islamic materials, such as Qur'ans, a hadith collection, and a variety of books on Islam. There are scarves kept in the prayer room, as well as a Wudu station for ablutions, which students are welcome to use at any time.
Halal Food Program
• Stone Davis dining hall provides a Halal meat entrée on Tuesdays and Thursdays; pork products are not cooked in Stone Davis on those days.
• Halal hamburgers are available by request at each meal at Stone Davis and Bae Pao Lu.
• Special accommodations, as applicable, are provided during fasting periods.
• Use of alcohol in cooking is labeled campus wide.
• For more information visit