Ramadan Information

Ramadan Mubarak! Kullu 'am wa antum bikhair! (may each year you be well)

The Holy Month of Ramadan will take place approximately from Sunday May 5th (sundown) - June 3 (sundown) in 2019. During this holy month of fasting, the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life will offer opportunities for observance and accommodations for those who are fasting.

For those who are fasting from sunrise to sunset, suhur Pre-Dawn meals are available to be picked up in Bae Pau Lu Dining Hall at dinner-time the previous night.  Food is also available in the Multifaith Center Kitchen.Iftar Dinners are available also at the Bae Pau Lu Dining Hall until 10 PM through the end of final exams. From May 22nd to May 30th, Iftar Dinners and Suhur pre-dawn meals will be available in Tower Dining Hall.  Al-Muslimat will be arranging visits to a local masjid for taraweeh prayers according to interest of students.
Please contact Zainab Jafiq, ALM Co-President, for up-to-date information.
ORSL will be hosting a first iftar dinner party in the Multifaith Center for the campus on at 8PM.  If you have any questions, please contact Interim Dean of ORSL Amira Quraishi at aquraish@wellesley.edu