Rumni  Saha
Billings 2nd Floor

Rumni Saha

Hindu Affiliate Chaplain

Rumni Saha serves as the Hindu Affiliate Chaplain at Wellesley College. She was born and raised in India and attended Loreto College in Calcutta, where Mother Teresa began her luminous journey as a young nun. Rumni holds a Master of Education degree from Boston University and has loved working as a Special Educator in the MA Public Schools for the last twenty years. 

Rumni is currently an MDiv. student at Boston University School of Theology. She recently completed one unit of Clinical Pastoral Education as a Chaplain Intern at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. She identifies as a Hindu, a Unitarian Universalist, and a Humanist. The richness and pluralism of Hinduism, the Unitarian Universalist call to recognize the inherent worth and dignity of every person, and the moral imperative to lead an ethical life that Humanism demands, are what feed her soul. 

For Rumni, cooking and sharing meals with others, are meditative. She is also an avid writer for various outlets, including the Huffington Post. Rumni considers herself, first and foremost, to be a citizen of the world.