Closing Memo

2019 Spring Residence Hall Closing, Summer Housing, and Fall Opening Information



  • Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Residence Halls close at NOON for Classes of 2020, 2021, & 2022

  • Saturday, June 1, 2019

Residence Halls close at NOON for Class of 2019  

  • Sunday, June 2, 2019:

Summer Housing Week One Move-In

  • Saturday, August 31, 2019

Residence Halls open for Fall 2019


Departure Dates

  • CDs will be posting information regarding closing procedures.  It is your responsibility to check your res hall’s communication forum for information.

  • Request for spring housing extensions must be made via StarRez Housing Portal no later than Friday, May 10th. Extension Request Form will be available via housing portal the week of April 22nd.

  • Failure to vacate the residence hall by your deadline may result in a fine of $50 per hour.  

Move-Out Procedures

  • Student rooms must be clean and clear of all trash and debris.  All furniture must be fully assembled and present in the room.  

  • If a staff member does not check the room in your presence before you leave, you waive the right to appeal any fine that is levied.  It is your responsibility to schedule a room inspection with your RA or CD at least 48 hours before your departure.

  • Every student must return their room key to the black key box near the CD apartment or office on the day that they leave.  The key does not need to be in an envelope.

  • Seniors and those with an approved extension may return keys prior to their departure.

Storage in Residence Halls

  • Please watch for specific closing and storage information in your residence hall.

  • Please note that all storage in the residence halls is at your own risk.

  • Only students returning to residence halls for the 2019 fall semester may store belongings. Students may store belongings in their current hall only.

  • Graduating seniors and students going on leave or exchange may not store their belongings on campus (see instructions for shipping or off-campus storage).

  • Access to storage areas will not be available for returning students until Saturday, September 1, 2019. Approved early arrival students, including Student Leaders, will be contacted with schedules for early access.

Storage Procedures

  • Students residing within 300 miles of campus receive no labels.

  • Students residing over 300 miles from campus and returning to residence for Fall 2019 will receive 4 storage labels.

  • The label should indicate your full name and class year.  

  • Space restrictions will not allow for students to share labels.

  • Each student is allowed to store one item per label, within the following limits:

    • 1 refrigerator cleaned & defrosted, for one label.  

    • 1 suitcase for one label.

    • 1 plastic, heavy-duty bag for one label.

    • Plastic bins smaller than 40 quarts 1 label.

    • Plastic bin larger than 40 quarts two labels

NOTE: Respect this policy and use your best judgment to determine these measurements. Res staff members have final discretion on proper use of labels.

  • Absolutely NO rugs, furniture, bookcases, loose items, or oversized boxes of any kind may be stored. Such items will be removed and discarded.

  • You must be able to lift your own boxes without assistance to any shelf in the storage room.

  • You may not leave anything outside the storage area.  Items left improperly will be discarded, and a $50 fine per item will be charged.

Off-Campus Storage and Shipping

  • The College does not guarantee the services of these vendors and students enter into their own agreement with them to provide services.

Automobiles and Bicycles

  • If you are not a summer housing resident, automobiles may not be parked on Campus in any parking lot.

  • Summer residents should visit Campus Police for a summer parking permit.  

  • All bicycles must be removed from outside bike racks.  Bicycles left over the summer may be removed and discarded. Bikes may be stored only on Freeman Hall Bike Racks.

US Mail

  • All students should submit a change of address card to the mailroom.

  • All first-class letters and materials will be automatically forwarded to your permanent home address if no change of address card is filed.

  • Magazines, newspapers or other bulk rate materials will not be forwarded.

  • Those students living in summer housing and/or attending summer school should indicate their campus summer address on the card.