What Should I bring For My Room

It's the big question that you're probably all asking. So, here's a checklist of items you should keep in mind when you're packing or shopping.

Bed + Mattress Linens, pillows, maybe a mattress pad
Desk, desk lamp Alarm clock, pens, paper, calculator, computer, backpack, power strip, another lamp
Chest of drawers Drawer liners
Bookshelves Fun reading, photo albums, CDs, DVDs
Mirror Towels, toiletries, shower shoes
Closet Hangers, shoe storage, hamper, coat hangers
Washers and Dryers Detergent, bleach, fabric softener, dryer sheets
***If you get a wastebasket for your room, it must be a fireproof, metal wastebasket.
Most importantly, for your bed, you should bring linens. Make them easily accessible so that you'll know where to find them on your first day in the residence hall. The College provides an extra-long twin mattress (39 x 80) and a bed frame, but you have the power to deck that out however you want! Stores like Target, Wal-Mart, or Bed, Bath, and Beyond all carry extra-long twin bedding during the summer and into the early fall months. Some people also like to get foam mattress pads to put under their sheets. It makes sleeping on those institutional plastic mattresses much nicer!
People often inquire about cookware. Due to fire safety concerns, students are not allowed to have
instruments with exposed heating elements in their rooms. This includes microwaves, hot pots, rice cookers, toasters, toaster ovens, tabletop grills, coffeemakers, and electric water boilers. You can have a small refrigerator in your room, but you may want to talk to your roommate(s) about sharing a fridge, or getting separate fridges small enough to stack on top of each other.
Speaking of sharing, remember that your new room may be a lot smaller than the space you're used to occupying. Not only that, you'll definitely be sharing that small space with someone else. When packing your things, think less, not more! It's much easier to stock your room after you've moved in than to try to figure out what to do with extra stuff that won't fit.
Here are some other items that you should not bring for your room: air conditioner, candles, or portable space heaters.