Guest & Pet Policies

Student with pet bunny

Guest Policy

A maximum of three overnight guests are allowed with permission of your roommate(s).  You may have an overnight guest(s) for three nights within a week time period which begins each Monday.

Pet Policy

Beginning the Fall 2014 semester, all student rooming will be pet free. Students who currently have acceptable pets will need to document them with the Professional Staff person for their building and they will be eligible to retain these specific pets until graduation. No new pets will be allowed in the residence halls.

The designation of pet friendly residence halls and floors will remain the same for those students who will be retaining their current pets.

No pets will be allowed to remain in residence during wintersession unless the student is occupying her spring room.

No pets will be allowed in Summer Housing.

Violations of this policy may result in a student forfeiting her campus housing assignment.

Service and assist animals are defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act and should be processed through the Office of Disabilities Services.