Housing Information

Spring 2022 Housing Information

Please note that students are required to show proof of a COVID-19 booster in order to live in campus housing. Boosters can be uploaded to the Patient Gateway and must be done by Saturday, Jan 15, 2022. Unless a student has a documented exemption or indicates the need for an extension due to the timing of their previous vaccine, all students living in residence and attending Wellesley classes must complete this requirement or they will not be allowed to live in campus housing. Note that booster eligibility for Pfizer has been changed to only five months after the second shot.


Because of the highly transmissible nature of the COVID-19 variants, students must continue to wear masks in all residential spaces with the exception of a student’s own private room. If you have a roommate or roommates, we encourage you to begin conversations on how you will establish agreed upon behaviors within your private rooms as it relates to COVID-19 safety. Please see your HP or RA if you have any questions.


All students are encouraged to wear KN95, KF94, or well-fitting surgical masks when indoors as cloth masks are less effective at protecting against omicron. Masks will be available at testing locations and when possible, we will have them available in the residence halls.


There are a few things that you can do while you are at home to prepare for your arrival. All students are strongly encouraged to isolate for at least one week prior to their return to campus. During this period, we recommend staying mostly in your home and restricting access to large gatherings, especially those where masking is not required and the vaccination status of the community is unknown. Students who test positive while at home should report this on the COVID-19 Toolbox and are encouraged to contact Health Services to be cleared to return. Guidance on boosters for students in this category can be found on the CDC website.