Housing Selection FAQs

Housing Selection FAQs:

How do I access the StarRez Housing Selection portal?

A link to Wellesley’s StarRez Portal will be available in MyWellesley - Student Self-Service. You can also click here

What is the Housing Agreement?

This is the agreement students will be asked to acknowledge each year in Wellesley’s StarRez Housing Portal. This document outlines the terms and conditions associated with living in student housing at Wellesley, and each student’s acknowledgement of this agreement will be required as part of the housing application process.

Can I choose a suite with a friend?

Unfortunately, suites with private bathrooms will be reserved for isolation and unavailable for selection. While ALL other room spaces will be available as single rooms, there will be opportunities to create a housing Block group with friends, allowing students to select rooms in close proximity with others they wish to live near. 

How do I create a Block Group?

When you log in to do your housing application, you will be asked to complete your own standard profile. This will then allow you to search other students’ standard profiles, to view their answers to profile questions, and to note their percentage match with your own profile.

You will also be able to search profiles if you are looking for something or someone in particular. You will be able to search by name. A Block Group consists of you, as well as any other students(s) you identify that you wish to live near. Each member of a Block Group will be assigned the same time slot for room selection. The Group Leader will be able to select a space on behalf of their group members.

What if I am not available during my assigned room selection time slot?

You are not required to enter the portal during your selection time slot. Your time slot only indicates when you can begin entering the portal. Additionally, if you are part of a Block Group, only your Block Leader needs to enter the portal to select your block. 

How will my class year impact housing if everyone gets a single room?

Timeslots will be assigned by both Block size and seniority. For example, a Block of 6 seniors would get a timeslot ahead of a Block of 6 sophomores. 

How will Student Housing know if I need housing this Fall?

All students will be required to complete the Fall Intent Form which opens on July 2nd and is due by July 13th. Student Housing will receive a list of students from this application who are eligible for housing (according to class year or student leader status) and who intend to live on campus for the Fall 2020 term. Only those students who are eligible for housing and intend to live on campus will have access in the Housing Portal to the Fal 2020 Housing Selection Application and Room Selection Process. 

If your circumstances have changed, please email us ASAP at studenthousing@wellesley.edu

How will my housing accommodation be handled?

Since all rooms will be available for selection as single rooms, students with approved medical singles will be able to participate in General Room Selection. Students with housing accommodations more specifically related to location or other needs will be able to select their spaces prior to general room selection. Students with approved housing accommodations will receive specific communication as to how they should proceed through Room Selection in the coming weeks. 

How will bathrooms be shared?

Students will be assigned to specific bathroom fixtures, including one toilet, sink, and shower, to be used exclusively and consistently by members of one to two block groups. Every effort will be made to assign no more than 6 students to one set of bathroom fixtures. It is likely that two blocks of 3, or one block of 6, students will be assigned to a set of bathroom fixtures in order to achieve appropriate ratios and social distancing. 

When can I move in?

Please click here to review the Changes to Move-In Health and Health and safety Protocols due to Covid-19.  Move in dates for each group is designated in the chart.   

Can I send items ahead of move-in? What about Dropping Off items ahead of time?
Students can ship from home or order online up to 4 boxes to be delivered to their room before move-in. It is recommended that students who are shipping a box from home and placing an order at an online retailer do both on the same day so that their boxes will arrive on campus within a day or two of the others. Examples of online orders you may want to ship to campus could be a mattress pad, or a comforter set. Small items ordered online, such as command hooks, should be shipped to your regular student mailing address.  
Ship boxes to campus between August 1 and August 15. Items shipped before August 1 may be returned to sender and items shipped after August 15 may not be received in time for in room placement.  
Boxes shipped to campus or ordered online, for delivery to your room, must include student full name and building and room number. For example:
Wendy Wellesley
Beebe Hall 101
106 Central Street
Wellesley, MA 02481
Shipping Instructions in PDF form can be found here
Please note the above address is to be used for these four boxes only. This is not your student mailing address that you would use through your time here at Wellesley. Items received to 106 Central Street after move-in will be returned to sender. You should receive your individual mailbox number for mail and packages after move in. the #s are unique to you as a student. That address would be:
Wendy Wellesley
Unit ####
21 Wellesley College Road
Wellesley, MA 02481-####
In terms of dropping items off ahead of your move-in slot, we cannot currently accommodate this. However, all students are allowed one person to help them move in.  If you are currently storing belongings with someone who lives in the area, you'd be able to have them help you move in. 
What should I do if my circumstances for Fall 2020 have changed?

If your circumstances have changed, please email us ASAP at studenthousing@wellesley.edu

How long are the housing selection timeslots?

Good news! Timeslots have a start time but not an end time, so you can go in any time after your time slot begins.

When can I select a move-in timeslot?

You will be able to select a move-in timeslot for your assigned move-in day once you have a booking in StarRez. In other words, you will be able to pick a timeslot after you complete room selection. We will communicate more information about move-in timeslots in the coming weeks.

What about the items I left in my room or storage in March?

Properly labeled items that were left in student rooms or storage will be brought to your new assignment by our awesome custodial and facilities staff. It should be in your room when you arrive. 

Can I edit my block now?

At this time, no. However, if your Block Group Leader cannot find a suitable space for your block during selection, you will be able to alter your block down to a smaller size. You will be given a new timeslot for the next round of selection. 

For example, if you are a group of 6 but do not find a space you like during your selection time, your group can split into any number. This can mean breaking down into groups of 4 and 2, 3 and 3, or even dissolving the group entirely and choosing to enter selection as a single person.

You will be able to see what blocks are available in the browser both before and during room selection.

What is the order of room selection?

Selection will be in phases by Block size from 6 - 1. In other words, selection will go in this order: Blocks of 6, Blocks of 5, Blocks of 4, Blocks of 3, Blocks of 2, Single Selecters. Selection timeslots will be determined by Block size (from 6 - 1) and seniority. 

If you are in a Block and your Block Leader does not find a suitable space for your Block size, you can break yourselves down into smaller groups or even into single selecters. From there, you will be given a new timeslot for the phase that meets you new size.

How does quarantine work upon arrival?

Quarantine procedures are slight different for those form low incidence versus high incidence states. Please read President Johnson's latest communication to review your specific quarantine procedure. 

How will testing work?

Our office does not oversee the testing process. The College will communicate further about both at-home and on-campus testing. We will post any updates on this FAQ and on our Facebook page. 

What happens if I no longer need Fall term housing?

Please email us ASAP at studenthousing@wellesley.edu. We will communicate your plans with the Registar and Student Financial Services. Once the Registrar updates your status, Student Financial Services will update your bill. This may take a few business days. 

Is move-in different for international students?

No. Per President Johnson's communication, students traveling from another country should follow the move-in schedule according to class year. Click here to review the schedule.