Spring Room Selection Process

Spring Housing Selection Process

2018-2019 Spring Housing Selection Process

Spring Housing Selection Timeline

November 20 - Spring Housing Selection Form Released

December 3  - Spring Housing Selection Form submission deadline at 8AM (Eastern Time)

December 7 -  Fall semester “room freeze” in place. Any moves must be COMPLETE by this deadline. No student moves can be requested after this date.

December 3 - Room selection priority numbers will be communicated to participating students by 5PM.

December 5-19 - Room selection process takes place remotely

December 21 - Students seeking spring room change must vacate current space

January, 2019 - Any participating students still awaiting a spring housing assignment will be contacted with newly available rooms to choose from

Spring Housing Selection Process and Guidelines

  • The Spring Housing Preference Form is to be completed no later than December 3 at 8AM. This form should be submitted ONLY by:
  • Students with junior or senior standing (2020 and 2019) eligible for single rooms and currently in student housing who wish to make a room change from Fall semester to Spring semester
  • Students returning from study abroad and in need of a spring 2019 housing assignment
  • Students returning from a leave of absence in need of a spring 2019 housing assignment
  • Please Note:  Student Housing will process room changes for students with first-year and sophomore standing (2021 and 2022) following this Spring Housing Selection Process in the months of January and February. These student SHOULD NOT complete the Spring Housing Selection Form.
  • Once all preference forms are submitted on Dec. 3, participating students will each be assigned a random housing selection priority number according to class year
  • Once room selection begins, students will be contacted in groups of 10-20 according to their assigned priority number and sent all room options available campus-wide at the time of their selection. Each group will have 24 hours to submit a list of preferred rooms before the rooms are offered to the next group of participating students. If room preferences are not submitted, assignments will be made by Student Housing  in priority number order according to res hall preferences.
  • The Spring Housing Selection Process will continue in December until all available rooms have been selected OR all participating students receive a spring housing assignment.
  • Any participating student who does not have the opportunity to select a room in December (due to availability) will be contacted when additional rooms are made available for selection in the second week of January.
  • Students MUST be registered for spring semester classes to be eligible for participation in Spring Housing Selection.
  • Students hoping to move from their current fall room (2019 and 2020 only) to a new spring housing assignment will need to vacate their fall room by December 21 at noon and can place their belongings in storage during winter break. Newly assigned rooms will be available when the residence halls open for the spring semester on Saturday, January 26th.
  • By submitting a Spring Housing Selection Form, these students are committing to a room change. This means a commitment to selecting a new room and vacating a current room by December 21.
  • If students do not receive a new spring room assignment prior to leaving for Winter Break, due to availability, they will still need to vacate their current room before departing for the semester. Belongings should be placed in storage, and they will be able to choose a new room in January prior to their return to campus.
  • Single rooms assigned through this process will be assigned to Class of 2019 and Class of 2020 only.
  • Student Housing will first assign single rooms to students approved for a medical single housing accommodation by Accessibility and Disability Resources.
  • Single rooms will then be assigned in priority number order to eligible students.
  • As single rooms are limited, all participating students are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to include a roommate request in their Spring Housing Selection Form.
  • When there are no more single rooms available, students can be assigned to suites, double, or triple rooms as necessary.

Please email Student Housing at studenthousing@wellesley.edu with any questions.


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