Wintersession Housing

Wintersession Information

In order to register for Wintersession Housing, please complete the registration form below.

Wintersession Housing is limited and restricted to international students, students deemed essential on-campus employees, students with academic obligations, and those participating in specific College-sponsored programs. Students requesting Wintersession Housing will need to specify their approved need for housing in their registration form.

Eligible students will be approved to return to campus for Wintersession 2019 and be assigned temporary housing in one of four designated Wintersession residence halls (Bates, McAfee, Freeman, and Stone Davis).

All students seeking Wintersession Housing need to submit the Wintersession 2019 Housing Registration Google Form in order to receive a Wintersession Housing assignment. Submit this registration form no later than Monday, December 3 at 9am.

All students will be housed in Bates, McAfee, and Freeman, or Stone Davis. Students who have been approved to return will be added to the Wintersession Housing Google Group. All other residence halls will be closed on December 21, 2018 at 12pm and reopen on January 26, 2019 at 9am.