Pre-Travel Orientation

Pre-Travel Orientation

All faculty members and staff are expected to attend a pre-travel orientation prior to leading students off-campus for overnight activities including field trips, team travel, conferences or other types of overnight travel, whether domestic or international. Contact the Provost's Office for details.

Airline tickets should not be purchased until the traveler has attended orientation or made arrangements with their trip leader. In most cases, trip insurance for cancellations is not provided by the College and must be purchased by the individual.

Travelers may wish to refer to the slides that were used in the pre-travel orientation sessions provided by the College. Please give us feedback on the Orientation using this short survey.

The Campus Contacts List provided by Class Dean Alison Black can be downloaded and shared with your fellow travelers.

If you need medical treatment because you fall ill or are injured while traveling on College business, contact Human Resources as soon as possible when you return to campus to file a Workers' Compensation Claim. Additional information on how employees' health insurance provided by Harvard Pilgrim extends to international travel and an International Claims Form for coverage needs that arise while employees are traveling are linked here and are also available through Human Resources.