Property Damage

Property Damage/Stolen Property


Wellesley College Property – Damaged

If Wellesley College property is damaged, please contact Facilities. Facilities will then involve the Risk and Compliance Manager, if necessary.

Wellesley College Property – Stolen

If Wellesley College property is stolen, please contact Campus Police and file a police report. Campus Police will forward the report to the Risk and Compliance Manager for review.

Personal Property – Damaged or Stolen

Wellesley College does not insure the personal property of its students, staff or faculty. If personal property is stolen on the Wellesley College campus, contact Campus Police to file a police report. Wellesley College is not responsible for any lost or stolen personal items.

Employees should review their own renter's or homeowner's insurance policies to see if their valuable belongings are covered in the event of damage or theft. Employees residing in College-owned buildings or housing are responsible for obtaining insurance on their belongings.

For damaged personal goods, Wellesley College will only consider reimbursement for those instances in which the College is reasonably responsible for the damage.

Common sense safety measures should be taken to protect personal valuables on campus, such as: 

  • Do not leave your laptop or personal property unattended.
  • Do not hang your purse or bag on the back of your chair while you are dining on campus or in another public place.
  • Do not place your purse or bag under the table out of your sight when in public. 
  • If you have to leave personal valuables behind on campus, make sure they are stored in a locked office or cabinet. 

Damage to Personal Vehicles on Campus

The College does not assume any responsibility for any loss or damage to your personal vehicle while it is parked or driven on college property. This includes loss or damage caused by falling ice or snow (whether the danger is posted or not), falling trees, limbs or other wind-blown objects; malicious mischief, vandalism or theft; damage caused to your vehicle because you hit College property, including curbs, barriers, speed-bumps or other objects; damage caused by towing or booting an illegally parked vehicle; damage caused by persons or vehicles unknown whether the possibility of such an event is warned against or not. Be especially mindful of accumulations of ice and snow on roofs, and DO NOT PARK under them.

The College will be responsible for ‘at-fault’ accidents between its vehicles and personal vehicles. If you or your vehicle is involved in an 'at-fault' accident, contact Campus Police to fill out an accident report.


Any questions about property damage or stolen property may be directed to: