Wellesley College Student/Alumnae International Travel Policy

Wellesley College Student/Alumnae International Travel Policy​ 

Approved:  International Safety Committee         Date Established: 2/27/2018

Responsible Office:  Provost                      Date Last Revised: N/A    

Responsible Administrator:  Provost

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International travel is best undertaken by well-informed travelers. All Wellesley College students are responsible for their own safety when traveling internationally, whether or not their activities abroad are funded by Wellesley awards or accorded credit by Wellesley. The College strongly encourages all members of the College community who are contemplating travel abroad for educational or other purposes to review thoroughly and to familiarize themselves with the political, health, crime, and other safety-related conditions prevailing in any country and specific locations within it.
In addition to web-based information that is provided by various governments, the College encourages Wellesley students to consult the comprehensive website offered by InternationalSOS, a private travel emergency assistance provider engaged by Wellesley to support students, faculty, and staff who are traveling internationally. You may also call International SOS 24/7 for immediate assistance (215) 942-8478. If asked, Wellesley's membership # is 398241914650.


This Policy applies to all Wellesley College students and alumnae traveling on College-sponsored travel.


College-sponsored travel is defined as travel that is:   
  • funded by Wellesley,
  • arranged by Wellesley,
  • awarded credit by Wellesley, or
  • in connection with a trip arranged by a constituted student organization, as individuals or in groups.     
International travel is any travel outside of the United States or to U.S. territories.


The Wellesley College International Travel Policy for Wellesley College Students and Alumnae stipulates restrictions on travel to specific countries or locations. It is every traveler’s responsibility to be aware of this policy and to stay informed of any changes in the status of their planned destination.

I.  TRAVEL RESTRICTIONS: Travel programs occurring in 2020-2021 are reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the International Safety Committee and approved by the COVID-19 Operations Team. Decisions regarding travel are subject to ongoing review and approval as information becomes available.


If a country or region’s risk level is elevated during travel, our International Safety Committee will assess the risks of remaining in country and the risks of departure. Typically, this risk assessment will involve a review of available information from a variety of news sources, safety and security partners, General Counsel, and any Wellesley affiliates with knowledge of the situation on the ground.
Based on this risk assessment, Wellesley will advise you of the risks and the recommended or required course of action, up to and including immediate departure from the country, and explain how to access Wellesley assistance. Wellesley may withdraw your sponsorship if you do not follow its recommendations.


Travelers are responsible for carefully following all State Department Travel Advisories and InternationalSOS travel warnings regardless of whether or not these advisories fall short of restricting student travel to the country. For example, an advisory might warn against travel to specific parts of the country or highlight the dangers of undertaking particular activities in the country. Students are expected to monitor such advisories and to take appropriate precautions, avoiding any specified areas or activities. Students are encouraged to sign up for Security Alerts for all countries in their itinerary. 


Travel by students in an approved study abroad program or Wintersession is automatically registered with the college through the Office of International Study (OIS).  All other students traveling with college sponsorship must register here


You may call International SOS 24/7 for immediate travel, safety, security or medical assistance (215) 942-8478. If asked, Wellesley's membership # is 398241914650.