Definitions for Terms Used in Vehicle Use Guidelines

Approved Fleet Driver List

A list or database of all drivers who have been approved to drive College Vehicles. The Fleet Administrator and Fleet Safety Representatives can access this document.

Approved Fleet Driver

A driver who has been approved according to the criteria outlined in the College’s Vehicle Use Guidelines Guidelines.

Authorized Van/Bus Driver

In addition to being an Authorized Fleet Driver, an Authorized Van/Bus[1] Driver must be specifically authorized to drive a passenger van/bus by their Fleet Safety Representative. Authorization includes each van/bus driver satisfactorily completing the Van/Bus Driver Familiarization Class. No person should drive a college-owned van or bus without authorization. A commercial license is required for all vehicles that carry more than fifteen (15) passengers.

College Vehicle

Any motorized vehicle, including unregistered vehicles such as golf carts or utility vehicles, owned by the College or rented for the purpose of College business. See Guidelines Section 6 for limited circumstances under which a personal vehicle may be considered to be a college vehicle.

Fleet Safety Administrator

The College’s Risk Manager will serve as the Fleet Safety Administrator to oversee the College’s vehicle use guidelines and to work with Fleet Safety Representatives to effectively carry out the guidelines set forth by the Vehicle Safety Guidelines.

Fleet Safety Representatives

An individual or individuals who have been selected to serve as a Fleet Safety Representatives for their department or area of responsibility to ensure departmental compliance with the Vehicle Use Guidelines.

Motor Vehicle Record (MVR)

A Motor Vehicle Record, or MVR, is issued by the state in which the driver is licensed. The MVR details an individual’s past driving history of moving violations and accidents over a predetermined period. MVRs are reviewed periodically as part of the College’s Vehicle Use Guidelines implementation.

Specialty Fleet Vehicle

  • Any College Vehicle that carries more than seven (7) passengers.
  • Any unregistered motor vehicle, including golf carts or utility vehicles.

Vehicle Use

Use of a college-owned vehicle, vehicle rented for college business, or driving a personal vehicle on college business and carrying other college employees or students as passengers.

Vehicle Use Guidelines

College rules and guidelines pertaining to:

  • approval of drivers
  • use of vehicles
  • maintenance of vehicles
  • safe operation of vehicles
  • accident reporting requirements

[1] Van/Bus is a term commonly used at the College to mean a 7-passenger van or larger passenger van.