Driving Specialty Vehicles

Specialty Fleet Vehicles

Specialty Fleet Vehicles include any College vehicle that carries more than seven (7) or more passengers or is an unregistered motor vehicle. Authorization to drive Specialty Fleet Vehicles may require specific training before a driver is permitted to drive the vehicle. 

Authorized Van/Bus Driver

In addition to the above listed requirements, each student who is requesting permission to drive a vehicle that carries more than seven (7) passengers must attend a Van/Bus Driver Familiarization Class under the direction of the Motor Pool staff or a Transportation Coordinator previously trained by the Motor Pool staff. Once the training requirements are met, their Fleet Safety Representative will annotate the Approved Driver List to signify that the student is an Authorized Van/Bus Driver. Students may not drive vehicles that carry more than seven passengers.

It is recommended that any employee who wishes to drive a larger than seven (7) passenger van or vehicle, or any vehicle that they are unfamiliar with, request training on the vehicle from the Motor Pool. Larger vans should only be operated by trained, experienced drivers who operate these vehicles on a regular basis. The driver needs to possess a valid driver’s license for state of residence (a commercial driver’s license is preferred). Drivers of larger vans need additional training since these vehicles handle differently than passenger cars, especially when fully loaded.

Call the Motor Pool at 781-283-3238 for an appointment.

Unregistered Motorized Vehicle Driver (Golf Cart, Utility Vehicles)

Please see the College’s separate Guidelines on Unregistered Motorized Vehicle Use.