Rules for Working with Laboratory Animals

Precautionary Procedures:

The use of experimental animals must be in compliance with federal and state regulations and guidelines as well as the policies and procedures of Wellesley College.

  • Undertake research involving animals only under the direction and guidance of a qualified faculty member. All students participating in live animal research are required to purchase a Wellesley College Animal Care Facility Manual.
  • All animal research at Wellesley is overseen by the Wellesley College Animal Care and Use Committee. Appropriate protocol forms must be completed and approved by the committee before any experimentation can begin.
  • All areas in which experimental animals are housed are "restricted areas"; do not enter them unless authorized.
  • All protocols involving the use of biohazardous materials must be approved by the safety committee and guidelines for executing safety issues followed. All biohazard areas must be clearly marked and the nature of the hazard designated.
  • Do not eat or drink in the Animal Care facility.
  • Do not bring sick or injured animals into the animal care facilities under any circumstances. They might introduce pathogens which could, in turn, spread to the stock colonies.
  • Under no circumstances may pets be brought into the animal care facilities.


Emergency Procedures:

All personnel receiving a scratch, bruise or cut while working with experimental animals, or bitten by an animal should apply first aid and report immediately to the Infirmary (Ext. 2810).

If cut, bitten or scratched while working with animals:

  • Wash well with a suitable disinfectant for five minutes, rinsing frequently with running water - - do not use brush for scrubbing open wound.
  • Apply sterile dressing of bandage.
  • Arrange for medical service immediately. Then notify supervisor in order to file health and accident report.


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