Research & Conference FAQs

How do I get support for students’ research-related expenses during the academic year?

The Sophomore Early Research Program provides support to members of the sophomore class to carry out collaborative research projects with natural science faculty mentors each year. There are eligibility requirements. For further information see

Mass Space Grant Consortium funds may also be used for students in space-related fields.

What support is available for student conference travel?

There are several possibilities for student travel. Each of these will generally cover up to $500 of expenses per student.  Students can receive a maximum of up to $750 in travel support from all sources, if sufficent funds are available:

  • Check the Student Travel Grants page for funds from the Provost's Office, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, and Friends of Wellesley College Botanical Gardens
  • Mass Space Grant Consortium funds may also be used for students in space-related fields; check with the Astronomy Department chairperson or Carol Gagosian (Astronomy Administrative Assistant).

How can I get support for a summer research student?

The Provost's Office provides funding to support the Science Center Summer Research Program.  There will typically be a call for faculty to submit project descriptions in late December-early January.  Students apply for admission in late January-early February.  The Summer Research Selection Committee reviews applications and matches students with faculty supervisors prior to spring break.  Admission is competitive as there are far more applicants than available positions. 

  • All faculty wishing to participate in summer research should submit project information in late December-early January when the call for participation goes out.  Faculty project descriptions are posted so that students can select projects of interest and communicate with faculty in advance of submitting an application.
  • Faculty in Chemistry should check with their REU directors that their research projects are updated and listed as available for the coming summer.
  • Other faculty members should discuss research possibilities with students or through department programs.
  • Refer students to the Science Center Summer Research program
  • Apply for a Brachman-Hoffman Small Grant to support a summer student
  • Include support for summer students in your research grant applications to external funding agencies.

How can I get support for my own research?

Brachman Hoffman small grants, maximum $5000, are awarded on a competitive basis twice each year.  Staley small grants, maximum $5000, are awarded on the same schedule as Brachman Hoffman grants, and are available for those doing cancer-related research.  Please follow the guidelines for Brachman Hoffman grants to sumbit a Staley small grant.

What if I am changing the direction of my research and need major funding?

Brachman Hoffman Fellowships, up to $50,000 over two years, are awarded on a competitive basis once each year. The Staley Fellowship is similar to Brachman Hoffman, but is limited to those whose research is in the area of cancer research.