Application Instructions

Every year, the Science Center offers Summer Research Awards to students interested in spending their summer doing scientific research at Wellesley.

Please read the instructions below completely before applying.  You do not have to be a science major to participate in summer research.  Research is open to all Wellesley students with an interest in scientific research.  Preference is given to students who will be continuing their studies at Wellesley in the following academic year (i.e., to rising sophomore, juniors and seniors.  Recent graduates are rarely supported.)

If you have not participated in research previously and wish to do so, we urge you to browse the list of available projects and to contact the faculty supervisor in advance of submitting your application.  Don't be afraid - each of our faculty mentors is anxious to work with students, and the best way to get into a lab is to reach out and share your interest with faculty!  Check the list often - projects are added automatically as faculty submit them.


Summer Research Dates: June 7 - July 30, 2021 (8-week session)

Students must participate for the full 8-week program, including preparation of an abstract and poster for the summer research virtual poster session. The program starts at 9AM on June 7th. Research will be either in-person on campus or conducted remotely off-campus. All other programming, including the MANDATORY safety training will be virtual.  The virtual poster session will be held on the afternoon of July 29, 2021. The program ends at close of business (5PM ET) on July 30, 2021.  For those who will be working on campus, please arrange your travel so that you are on campus for the full duration of the program.

Compensation: Students working on campus must live in campus housing and must agree to follow all COVID-related housing and meal regulations in place at the time. We cannot be specific about these just yet, as they may change as the pandemic evolves.

All students will receive $500/week stipend. Students living on campus will also receive a housing stipend to cover the cost of living on campus.

Payments are contingent on the student successfully completing required program elements.

Students are responsible for all applicable taxes; please check with your tax advisor with questions as the College cannot answer questions related to your individual tax situation.

Summer Housing/Meals: Students working on campus must live on campus this summer and must follow all housing and dining-related regulations in place for the summer.

NOTE: More information about summer housing will be available when the pandemic planning allows for more detailed planning. Please understand that we are working to make things as smooth as possible and we recognize that it probably won't be ideal. We anticipate that students will continue to be assigned to single rooms.

The Application Process

Application site opens March 7:

Log in to your MyWellesley portal and click the "Student" tab. In the "Administrivia" section, select the "Science Summer Research" link.  Alternatively, access the application site directly.

You will be asked to enter information in text boxes in the application; we recommend that you write this material off-line and cut-and-paste into the application. Also, you will be asked to enter user names for Wellesley references.

"On-campus" versus "Remote" applications:

For this year (2021), the application site asks students to indicate whether they are applying for on-campus or remote support. Please select "on-campus" if you wish to work on a project  located on the Wellesley campus. Remember, If you select to work on campus for the summer, you are committing to living on campus for the duration of the Summer Research Program. Please select "remote" if you wish to participate in the Summer Research Program but do not wish to live on campus. 

You may submit only one application, so please choose your preferred location (on-campus or remote). 

Application deadline: March 24 at 11PM Eastern time The deadline is FIRM.  No late or incomplete applications will be accepted. 


A Summer Research application to work on-campus or remotely must include the following:

  • Statement describing your post-graduation/career plans (what you want to do after graduation and how research participation fits into those plans).

  • Project selection: you must select at least one project that you'd like to work on during the summer. You have the option of selecting up to three projects. If you select more than one project, you should select them in order of preference. If you want additional information on any project, faculty members will be happy to discuss them with you.  Students are urged to discuss projects with faculty in advance of submitting an application. These discussions do not represent a commitment to accepting you into their laboratories for the summer. It is always to the applicant's advantage, however, to have spoken to the prospective supervisor before applying. See the list of current projects.

  • Statement of Intent describing what you hope to accomplish by participating in summer research. Your statement of intent should describe how the project(s) you selected fit with your experience and goals.

  • Names of two Wellesley College Faculty who are familiar with your work and can offer recommendations about your potential for success in the summer research program (please ask faculty in advance of listing their names!).  Formal written letters will not be required, but the committee may contact these faculty should they have questions about your application.  Enter a VALID username in the email address section; there is no need to enter the "" part of the address. You must click “Save” in order for the remaining information to automatically enter. Check your form before save to ensure that it was correctly entered (or referees will not be contacted about your application!).  

  • Optional: We hope to make the summer research program at Wellesley College representative of the diverse economic, ethnic, and occupational backgrounds of families in the United States. Describe any characteristics or other personal information about yourself that you wish to share with the review committee.

  • Resume (one page) - you will be asked to upload a pdf.  The system accepts files only in PDF format.

  • Downloaded transcripts (Web Unofficial Transcripts from Workday) - browse to the location of the PDF on your hard drive, upload that file and submit.  The system accepts files only in PDF format.

  • You must SUBMIT your application before it is complete and accepted into the system.  You will receive a notification that submission was successful if done correctly. You will also receive an email confirmation from for your records. Please retain this confirmation email.