Summer Research FAQs

Summer Research FAQs

This page lists common questions about the Science Center Summer Research Program.  Please check here first for answers. If you have a question that's not listed here, please contact Susan Lange.

What are the program dates?

Summer 2019 research begins promptly at 9AM on June 3rd with an orientation and safety training session.  This session is mandatory for all participants.

The program closes at 5PM on Friday, August 2nd.

Please arrange your travel so that you are available on campus for the full duration of the program.

What does a typical research day and week look like?

The summer research program is a full-time commitment.  Participants are expected to put in a minimum of 35-40 hours per week, and to be in the lab typically from 8.30AM-4.30PM or 9AM-5PM (you'll work out actual hours with your faculty supervisor, and each group may be a little different).  Each day includes a 30-minute lunch break, except on seminar days, when the break is 60 minutes because of the seminar program.

Each week you can expect to devote a significant time to making progress on your research.  Early in the program, you'll likely meet with your faculty supervisor frequently and spend some time doing background reading or other preparation.  Once you start experiments, you'll get more and more independent in your work.

The program provides a weekly seminar, usually on Wednesday, when we bring in a speaker from another institution to talk about a topic of broad scientific interest.  Lunch is served prior to the start of these seminars, and all students are expected to participate.

The program also supports weekly discipline-group meetings, where participants get together with others in their general discipline for seminars, workshops, practice talks, and other activities.  Usually these happen over the lunch break, and lunch is frequently served.  All group members are expected to participate in these meetings.