Student Employment Supervisor FAQ

Student Employment Supervisor FAQ



1. What should I do if I try to hire a student but she does not pass the validation check for the I-9 and/or direct deposit?
It takes several days from the time the student submits her information to its uploading to the validation list. Please allow at least three to five business days, depending on the time of the year. Make sure you are entering the correct ID# as validation checks against ID# and not name.
2. What does it mean when I receive confirmation that a student has been “hired”?
This automatic response indicates that your recent “Hire Request” is now in your Hire Archive. Timesheets must still be set up manually into Banner before a student has access to her timesheet.
3. How long does it routinely take from the time the Hire Request is sent to when the timesheet is available?
Assume at least three to five business days as the process requires additional manual steps.
4. If more than one week has elapsed, how can I start checking the status of a Hire Request?
Check the following:
  • Start and end dates: Be sure to check the start and end dates on the job description and the individual Hire Request. If the dates fall outside of the current academic year, the request will not get picked up on the report used to set up timesheets.(Currently, jobs should be set up for January 22, 2012 – May 26, 2012, even if the student started work later or will finish earlier.)
    To correct: Update the job description and submit a new Hire Request for the student.
  • Student ID: If an incorrect ID# was used, re-hire the student with the correct ID#.
5. If none of the above applies, what is the best way to inquire about the status of a student’s timesheet set-up?
Inquiries should come from the supervisor with the following information:
Student name
Banner ID
Date of Hire Request

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