Serhan Tanriverdi

Serhan Tanriverdi
Freedom Project
B.A., Istanbul University (Turkey); M.A., Ph.D., Loyola University (Chicago)

Serhan Tanriverdi

Freedom Project Postdoctoral Fellow

Interested in the sociology of religion, human rights, political sociology, globalization, Islamic socio-political thought, and Islam/Muslims in the West.

In my doctoral research, I focused on the interaction between Islam and modernity through the works of reformist American Muslims intellectuals who have challenged authoritarian discourses, norms, and practices of Islamists and fundamentalist Muslims in the West and the Islamic world over the last decades. As a recent phenomenon in the West, reformist Muslims have critically reinterpreted the socio-political thoughts of Muslims in the cases of democracy, religious freedom, and gender equality for greater liberty, justice, and equity in socio-political life.

I teach courses including Introduction to Sociology, Sociology of Religion, Qualitative Research Methods, Globalization, Sociology of Muslims in the West, and First-Year Seminar.

I am currently transforming my dissertation into a book.