Related Courses for Credit Toward the Major

Note: Courses with an asterisk (*) also require the permission of the instructor if the course is to be counted for South Asia Studies.

Course Name
* ANTH/CAMS 232  Anthropology of Media
   ANTH/SAS 237  Ethnography in/of South Asia
   ARTH/SAS 239   Art and Architecture of South Asia
* ARTH 247  Islamic Art and Architecture
* ARTH 312  Seminar: Art and Empire in the Long Nineteenth Century
   CAMS/SAS 243 & REL 223  Shades of Love in Indian Cinema
   HIST 266/367  The Indian Ocean as African, Arab, and South Asian History
   HIST 270  Colonialism, Nationalism, and Decolonization in South Asia
   HIST 272  Political Economy of Development in Colonial and Post-Colonial South Asia
   HIST 273 Body Politics in South Asia
   HIST 275  The Emergence of Ethnic Identities in Modern South Asia
   HIST 276  The City in Modern South Asia
   HIST 383  Seminar: 1947: Partition in History and Memory in South Asia
   HIST 395 Port Cities of the Indian Ocean
   HNUR 101  Elementary Hindi - Urdu
   HNUR 102  Elementary Hindi - Urdu
   HNUR 201  Intermediate Hindi - Urdu  
   HNUR 202  Intermediate Hindi - Urdu
*MUS/REL 227 Sacred Sounds of South Asia
* PEAC 104  Introduction to the Study of Conflict, Justice, and Peace
* PEAC 204  Conflict and Transformation in Theory and Practice
   PEAC/SAS 225  Gandhi in His Indian Contexts
   PEAC/SAS 323  Winter-session: Gandhi in His Indian Contexts
   PE 127 Classical Indian (Kathak) Dance
* POL2 202  Comparative Politics
* POL2 204  Political Economy of Development and Underdevelopment
   POL2 211  Politics of South Asia
   POL3 223  International Relations of South Asia
* POL2 310  Seminar: Politics of Community Development
* POL3 351  Seminar: Global Governance
* PSYC/AMST 222  Asian American Psychology
* PSYC 346  Seminar: Culture and Emotion
   REL 108  Introduction to Asian Religions
   REL/SAS 206  The Hindu Worlds
   REL/SAS 241  Courtesans in South Asian Literature and Films
   REL/SAS 251  Religions in South Asia
   REL 253  Buddhist Thought and Practice
* REL 259  Christianity in Asia
* REL/MES 260  Religion and Culture in Muslim Societies
* REL/MES 261/365 Cities of the Islamic World
* REL 262  The Formation of the Islamic Tradition
* REL/MES 263 Islam in the Modern World
* REL/MES 267/347 Muslim Ethics
   REL 281 / SAS 211  Sacred Arts of South Asia
   REL/SAS 301  Seminar: Religion in Modern South Asia
   REL/SAS 302  Seminar: Traditional Narratives of South Asia
   REL/SAS 303 Seminar: Models of Religious Pluralism in South Asia
* REL/MES 359 Seminar: Power, Legitimacy and Authority in Muslim Societies
* REL 364  Seminar: Sufism: Islamic Mysticism
* REL/MES 367  Seminar: Muslim Travelers
   SOC/SAS 232 South Asian Diasporas
* SOC 309        Nations in Global, Intersectional Perspective