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Study Abroad in India

For the most up-to-date information about study abroad opportunities in India, see the Office of International Studies website.

I. School for International Training (SIT) Program: Arts and Culture of North India (Delhi)

One-semester (either Spring or Fall). Focus on arts and architecture, with good instruction in either elementary or intermediate Hindi. Includes some overnight or several day excursions, and a “Field Study Seminar,” culminating in an Independent Study Project and final essay. General information is available at:

II. School for International Training (SIT) Program: Culture and Development (Jaipur).

One semester (either Spring or Fall). Focus on social and political organizations, with good instruction in elementary Hindi, with arrangements possible for more advanced language study. Includes some overnight or several day excursions, and a “Field Study Seminar,” culminating in an Independent Study Project and final essay. General information is available at

III. University of Wisconsin—Madison Program in Varanasi.

This intensive year-long program is one of the oldest study abroad programs in India and offers the fullest opportunity of language study in Hindi, beginning with a required 10-week language and orientation summer session in Madison, before setting out for India. The summer language study in Hindi can be done at either the beginning or intermediate level, and a very experienced language teacher accompanies the group to Varanasi, where he continues to be the main language teacher throughout the year. Individual projects comprise a substantial portion of the program, which is especially good for music, religious history and current practice, and Hindu-Muslim relationships. General information is available at: For specific information, contact:

IV. Council on International Education Exchange (CIEE): University of Hyderabad

Either one semester (Fall or Spring) or entire year. Good opportunities for language study in Urdu as well as Hindi. Combination of classes designed for study abroad group and opportunity for elective course in regular curriculum of well-regarded graduate-level University of Hyderabad. Opportunities for service projects or internships as part of a program. General information is available at:

V. SOAS: The School of Oriental and African Studies (part of the University of London)

Offers study abroad programs focused on South Asia, with courses selected from their extensive curriculum in languages (Hindi and Urdu), literature and culture, history and social sciences. Full academic year recommended. Located in the heart of London, with a dynamic international student body and faculty. General information is available at:

VI. FLAME University (Pune)

Spend a semester or year on Wellesley’s exchange with FLAME University, a private university in Pune, India. FLAME is the pioneer of Liberal Education in India, offering a wide variety of humanities and social science courses in English. FLAME is a residential college with plenty of opportunities to get involved in clubs and student activities. While at FLAME, students will participate in FLAME's Discover India Program, whereby students work in cross-disciplinary groups to develop a research project focused on Indian culture in a different region of India and then travel as a group for a 10-day field trip to conduct the research. See for more information. 

VII. Ashoka University (Delhi)

A summer, semester, or full year, The Visiting Student Programme at Ashoka is specifically designed to foster the exchange of ideas between the undergraduate students of international institutions and those at Ashoka. The residential campus provides a great opportunity to learn about India and get a global perspective through discussions and discourses both inside and outside the classroom. The campus is located near the capital city, New Delhi; and visiting students may travel and explore the vibrant, multi-cultural metropolis and beyond during their time at Ashoka. For more information please visit Ashoka's Visiting Students Website at,

VIII. Wintersession in India: Gandhi In His Indian Contexts (SAS 225)

PEAC/SAS 225 is a combined fall/Wintersession course, focusing on Mohandas Gandhi as a figure of global significance, and also one deeply rooted in Indian history and cultures. During the fall at Wellesley, students will study the sprawling and diverse cultural/political history of India; the many cultural and religious currents that influenced Gandhi's thought; his model of nonviolent action (Satyagraha); various models of contemporary grassroots organizing in India; and the art/skills of travel journaling. Then, during the winter, students will travel to Pune, Mumbai, Chennai and Coimbatore, residing and studying for then days at FLAME University in Pune. The remaining ten days will be divided between Chennai and Coimbatore, where we will partner with Praxis- Institute for Participatory Practices- an organization working on social justice issues with a commitment to equity and participatory governance for poor and marginalized sectors of society. Students will keep an extensive travel journal during their time in India. This course will meet every other week.


Study Abroad in Bhutan

I. Royal Thimphu College (RTC)

Offers a semester or full year opportunity to study in Bhutan’s multicultural environment. Bhutan is a peaceful and stable country, renowned for its pristine environment and breathtaking scenery. The pedagogy at the RTC includes a variety of methods: presentations, active participation in class, discussions and debates, case studies, field visits, guest lecturers and writing assignments. For more information, please email RTC International Relations at General information is available at:

II. School for Field Studies (SFS)

This academically rigorous program follows a six-day/week schedule and is offered in semester (Fall or Spring) and summer sessions. The interdisciplinary curriculum is designed to help students actively discover and understand the complexities of environmental, social, and economic issues in Bhutan. Through teaching and research, center faculty and staff introduce students to field research methods, data collection, and analysis, and they promote student interactions and reciprocity with local communities. The curriculum and research projects are driven by local needs and interests. SFS programs integrate academic, research, social, and community activities in a holistic education model. General Information is available at:


Study Abroad in Sri Lanka 

I. Intercollegiate Sri Lanka Education Program (ISLE)

Study abroad program offered for single semester (Fall or Spring). Develop the tools to navigate Sri Lanka as a cultural insider and informed researcher. This fascinating island is your classroom as you learn the local language, live with host families and conduct an Independent Study Project on one of its deeply-rooted traditions or contemporary post-war challenges. The 16-credit semester is comprised of two required core courses – one language course and a seminar course, which includes an independent research project – plus two electives. For general information visit:


Study Abroad in Nepal

I. School for International Training (SIT) Tibetan and Himalayan Peoples

Offered for single semester study abroad (Fall or Spring). Learn about Tibetan and Himalayan politics and religion and the issues faced by communities in exile. For more information visit:

II. School for International Training (SIT) Geoscience in the Himalaya

A summer session study abroad program. Undertake Earth science fieldwork in the spectacular setting of the Nepal Himalaya, one of the most active mountain ranges in the world. For more information visit:

III. School for International Training (SIT) Development, Gender, and Social Change in the Himalaya

Offered for single semester study abroad (Fall or Spring). Witness Nepal’s challenges in balancing tradition and modernity, while negotiating economic, political, and social change in a dynamic period of its history. For more information visit:


Center for Work & Service (CWS) Internships

Apply for the CWS Wellesley Internships in India Program and make a difference this summer!

Past internships have included:

  • Action India, New Delhi
  • Aga Khan Educational Services, Mumbai
  • Bal Ashram (Children’s Ashram), Varanasi
  • Gandhian Institute Trust, Varnasi
  • Operation Asha, New Delhi

Sophomores & Juniors only may apply

Please be sure to read the CWS Identified Internship Programs Overview and Participation Guidelines before applying.