Proposal Development

The Office of Sponsored Research has gathered helpful information on developing and submitting a grant proposal at these pages:

Office of Sponsored Research

The preparation of a competitive and successful grant proposal is a time consuming process. When you start to think about applying for a grant, please consult The Office of Sponsored Research (Staff). We are available to provide useful information on project ideas, to help identify funding sources, to answer any budget questions, and to clarify sponsor, college and institutional policies that could impact your grant/research proposal.  


The Writing Tools page provides useful guides and samples for improving your skill at grant writing.There are certain general writing rules which apply to the preparation of a grant/research proposal. Although details vary from discipline to discipline, attention to these rules should help you prepare a competitive proposal.

Additionally, OSR maintains a library of successful proposals for various sponsors/funding programs. Please contact Penny Miceli ( to inquire whether we have samples available for your program of interest.

Proposal and Budget Preparation