Export Controls

Export Control Laws and Regulations

Since 9/11, export control laws and regulations have become more prominent and the U.S Government has increased their scrutiny of institutions of higher education and industry. Export laws and controls have been in place for several decades. They were established to guard our national security, to protect our national economy, and to support our national foreign policy. It is expected that all employees of higher educational institutions, especially those who perform research on behalf of the Department of Defense or defense contractors, must be aware of and comply with applicable export control laws and regulations.
Wellesley College is fully committed to complying with all export control laws and regulations. Wellesley faculty, staff and students need to understand their obligations and adhere to all regulations and implementation requirements with regard to export control issues and rules. For additional information, see the Research Security/Export Control page.
If you have specific questions or need assistance in determining when regulations apply, please contact Elizabeth Demski, Assistant Provost and Director, Office of Sponsored Research.