Research Compliance

Research Compliance

The Office of Sponsored Research oversees the institution's research compliance programs, including the following areas. Please visit each area for procedures.

Research Misconduct

Research Integrity Policy & Training

Financial Conflicts of Interest in Research

Human Subjects Protections (Click to go to IRB Page)

Wellesley College relies upon Brandeis University for all IRB reviews. 

Animal Care and Use (Click to go to IACUC Page)

The Wellesley College IACUC provides assistance to investigators in fulfilling their obligations to plan and conduct animal research in accordance with the highest scientific, humane, and ethical principles.

Biosafety (Click to go to Biosafety Page)

Wellesley College's Biosafety Program serves to protect faculty, staff and students from exposure to biohazardous materials, to guard against the release of biohazardous materials that may harm humans, animals, plants or the environment, and to protect the integrity of experimental materials. Responsibility for oversight of the program resides with the Environmental Health and Safety Office, the Science Center Office and the Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC). All recombinant DNA studies, pathogenic organisms, and bloodborne pathogens must be registered with the IBC.