Appendix for Faculty Guide to Supporting Students

This online appendix is a companion to the Faculty Guide for Supporting Students in Distress.  It is meant to provide more detailed information about the range of student behaviors and conditions that a faculty member might encounter, and to suggest additional actions to take and campus resources to consult.  Below are four major categories of additional information; please use these links to go to still more detailed topics.  


We are extremely grateful to Cornell University for giving us permission to adapt their own faculty guide for supporting students in distress, “Recognizing and Responding to Students in Distress: A Faculty Handbook,” from which we drew a large portion of the content of this guide. In addition, Bryn Mawr College allowed us to adapt the content from their guide “Helping Students: A Faculty Guide for Assisting Students in Need,” and Hampshire College graciously gave us permission to adapt their materials, “Faculty Guide for Supporting and Referring Students.” We are grateful to these colleagues for their generosity in sharing these important resources for assisting students in need.

Suggestions: If there is additional information you would like, please email and we will do our best to connect you with a helpful resource.