Academic Programs, Policies & Procedures

The Curriculum and Degree Requirements

General Requirements

Distribution Requirements

Foreign Language Requirement

Writing Requirement

Multicultural Requirement

Quantitative Reasoning Requirement

The Major

Requirements for International Students

Additional Academic Opportunities

Research and Individual Study

The Minor

Preparation for Law School

Preparation for Medical School and Other Health Professions

Preparation for Engineering

Special Academic Programs


Wellesley College Summer Session

Cross-Registration Programs with Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Babson College, Brandeis University, and Olin College of Engineering

Wellesley/Brandeis BA/MAief Five-Year Program

Wellesley/Olin Engineering Certificate Program

Wellesley/Babson/Olin Sustainability Certificate Program

International Study

US College Exchange Programs

Semester in Environmental Science at Woods Hole

Academic Distinctions

Honors in the Major Field

Latin Honors and Other Academic Distinctions

Academic Standards

Academic Review Board

Credit for Advanced Placement Examinations

Summer School and Transfer Course Credit after Matriculation

Limitations on the Amount of Outside Credit Used Toward the Degree

Exemption from Required Studies

Grading System

Grading Policy FAQs

Incomplete Work (including Excused Incomplete Work)


Registration for Courses

Adding or Dropping Courses

Auditing Courses

Repeating Courses


Participation in Commencement

Leaves of Absence

Readmission after Withdrawal

Information about Students

Transcripts and Grade Reports

Student Records and Directory Information/FERPA

Employee Confidentiality Policy (applies to student employees)

Written Information Security Program

Disability Accommodation Policies and Procedures