Academic Review Board

The Academic Review Board is the principal body for overseeing each student’s academic progress and for granting exceptions to degree requirements and academic policies.

The Board is chaired by the Dean of Students, and includes the Class Deans, faculty members, and student representatives. The main work of the Board is to consider student petitions for exceptions to our standard rules and practices; the Board evaluates such requests based on the individual student's circumstances as well as concerns of equity and fairness to all students.  The Board also researches and recommends changes in academic policy, often in collaboration with the Committee on Curriculum and Academic Planning.  Finally, at the end of each semester, the Board reviews the records of all students who are not in good standing, and makes a response to each student individually. 

Students who wish to submit a petition to the Academic Review Board should first consult with their class dean and then complete the online petition.  Petitions should be submitted by noon the day before the Board's meeting.  Students asking for excused incompletes should review the general information posted here and complete the online petition for an excused incomplete.  Petitions for excused incompletes should be submitted within two days after the end of the exam period for the relevant semester. 

For 2019-2020, the Board will meet on the following dates:  September 17, October 7, October 22, November 5, December 9, January 15 (fall academic review), February 11, March 10, April 7, May 5, May 26 (senior academic review) and June 10, (spring academic review).  Members for 2019-2020 include

  • Sheilah Shaw Horton, Vice President and Dean of Students, chair
  • Ann Velenchik, Provost and Dean of the College's Designee
  • Erin Battat, Writing Program
  • Tracey Cameron, Intercultural Education, Black Task Force representative
  • Catherine Grevet Delcourt, Computer Science
  • Barbara Geller, Religion
  • Ismar Volic, Mathematics
  • Jeremy Wilmer, Psychology
  • Antonio Arraiza Rivera, Spanish
  • Alison Black, Dean of the Class of 2018
  • Susan Cohen, Dean of the Class of 2022 and Davis Scholars
  • Lori Tenser, Dean of the Class of 2020 (A-L)
  • Rebecca Garcia, Dean of the Class of 2020 (M-Z)
  • Shanté Brown, Dean of First-Year Students
  • Carol Shanmugaratnam, Registrar (non-voting)
  • Kristy Wilson, Associate Registrar (non-voting)
  • Allie Collins-Anderson
  • Shreya Parjan
  • Student members (to be determined)