Multicultural Requirement

All students must complete one unit of course work that focuses on (1) African, Asian, Middle Eastern, Caribbean, Latin American, Native American, or Pacific Island peoples, cultures, or societies; and/or (2) a minority American culture, such as those defined by race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or physical ability; and/or (3) the processes of racism, social or ethnic bias, or cross-cultural interaction. Each student, in consultation with her first-year advisor, her major or minor advisor, or her class dean, will choose a course to meet this requirement. Students indicate their choice by submitting the online Multicultural Course Form

The multicultural requirement may be satisfied with a course that also satisfies a distribution requirement. Ordinarily, a First-Year Writing course may not be used to satisfy the multicultural requirement, nor may first and second year language courses be used to satisfy this requirement.

Courses that have been approved in the past year as meeting the multicultural requirement are listed here.  Please note that this is not a list of all courses that can meet the requirement; other courses in the curriculum may be proposed for this requirement, and there are new courses added every year that are suitable for this requirement, and so would not appear on this historical list.  By not prescribing a set list of courses for this requirement, the faculty hopes to encourage engagement and reflection on the goals of this requirement, appropriate for its importance in a Wellesley education.  This listing is offered as guidance for students in making their plans for completing the degree.