Medical, dental, and veterinary medical schools require special undergraduate preparation.

Students should consult as early as possible with the Medical Professions Advisory Committee to plan their academic preparation to meet their individual needs and interests. Appointments can be made with the coordinator of the Medical Professions Advisory Committee in the Science Center.

In general, most health profession schools require a range of science and other courses; click here to see the most common components of a pre-medical program of study.  Many schools also require mathematics, in some cases two units of calculus, and additional science courses. Veterinary schools frequently require courses such as speech, technical writing, animal nutrition, genetics, and biochemistry. Requirements vary and catalogs of individual schools should be consulted.

All science requirements should be completed before taking the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) or the Dental Admission Test (DAT), which are taken approximately 16 months before entering medical or dental school. In order to receive the full support of the Medical Professions Advisory Committee, undergraduate students should plan to complete at least six of the science and math course requirements at Wellesley and/or its exchange colleges.

Detailed information is available on the Medical Professions Advising Office site.  Information is also available from the Center for Work and Service here