Transfer Credit Limits

Of the 32 units required for the B.A. degree, a student may earn a maximum of 16 units through a combination of the following: AP examinations (no more than four for students matriculating in fall 2006 or later), courses taken at another institution during the summer (no more than four), courses at another institution not taken during the summer (no more than eight), college and university credit earned prior to graduation from secondary school and not included in the units of secondary school work presented for admission (no more than two for students matriculating prior to fall 2006, no more than four for students matriculating in fall 2006 or later). All students, including transfer students and Davis Scholars, must complete 16 units at Wellesley. There are limits on the number of outside credits that can be used to fulfill the distribution requirement. See the section on Transfer Credit and consult the Class Deans.

Students entering Wellesley in September 2006 and later may bring in a maximum of four units from a combination of AP, IB, and college units earned prior to matriculation.  For purposes of this calculation, Wellesley College Summer Session courses taken before the student begins a fall semester at Wellesley are considered as college courses taken before matriculation at Wellesley.