Campus Life Policies & Procedures

Campus Life Policies and Procedures

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AIDS Policy Statement

Alcohol and Drug Policies:

Wellesley College Alcohol and Other Drug Policy

Appendix A: Wellesley College Procedures Pertaining to the Use of Alcohol at Student Events Held in Common Spaces on Campus

Appendix B: Commonwealth of Massachusetts and Town of Wellesley Liquor Laws

Appendix C: Federal and Commonwealth of Massachusetts Drug Laws

Appendix D: Hearing Panel and Appeals Process

Frequently Asked Questions about Marijuana (January 2017)

Confidentiality Policies:

Employee Confidentiality Policy (applies to student employees)

Written Information Security Program

Dining Hall Policies

Disability Accommodation Policies and Procedures

Driving College Vehicles

Equal Opportunity and Multicultural Policies

Affirmative Action

Expectations of Professional Conduct between College Employees...and Students (part of the Sexual Harassment Policy)

Policy Against Sexual Harassment and Other Unlawful Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation

Guidelines for Effective Electronic Communication

Hazing Policy

Housing Policies

Hoverboard Policy

International Student Policies and Procedures

Internship Policies

Library and Technology Services Policies:

Copyright Policy

Copyright FAQ

Digital Millennium Copyright Act

Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources

Missing Student Policy

Parking and Traffic Policies

Photo Policy

Poster Policy

Code for Religious Organizations on Wellesley College Campus

Recruiting Guidelines

Residency Policy

Residential Life Policies (see Housing as well):


Extension Cords

Fire Safety

No-Smoking Policy

Guest Policy

Pet Policy

Release of Student Contact Information

Student Sexual Misconduct Policy

Transportation Code of Conduct

Weapons Policy