If you want to be part of a longstanding tradition at Wellesley and like to plan events with your close friends, then one of these Societies might be for you (especially if you are easily wooed with tea...).

  • Agora

    The Agora Society, Wellesley College's Political Society, aims to promote intelligent interest in the political questions of the day by translating thought into meaningful action, and providing platform for political advocacy. All members of Agora uphold the pillars of Sisterhood, Citizenship, Politics, and Service. Facebook Page

  • Alpha Kappa Chi

    Alpha Kappa Chi is Wellesley's Classics Society. Founded in 1892 to provide Wellesley women with additional focus on the Classics, AKX strives to promote this academic field across campus. Today, AKX's members uphold the Society's values in our four pillars: Classics, Scholarship, Sisterhood and Philanthropy. Instagram

  • Phi Sigma

    Made up of a diverse group of young women, Phi Sigma boasts members from college government, varsity athletics, and various on and off campus organizations. Our members incorporate all of the four pillars of our society (Lecture, Social, Sisterhood, and Passion) into their everyday lives. We live by our motto: "Prove all things; forever hold fast to the good."

  • Shakespeare Society

    The Wellesley College Shakespeare Society was founded in 1877 by the founder of the College, Henry Fowle Durant, and remains the oldest continuous society on campus. The purpose of our Society is the study of Shakespeare as a means to intellectual development and to encourage love and appreciation of Shakespeare and his works in the College and greater communities. Facebook Page Twitter Page

  • Tau Zeta Epsilon

    Tau Zeta Epsilon (TZE), Wellesley College's Art and Music Society, was founded in 1889 to provide an opportunity for additional study of the arts and promote good fellowship among students. Facebook Page

  • Zeta Alpha

    Founded in 1876, Zeta Alpha is the oldest of any society or campus organization with a continuous group of members. We are a proud club with a very diverse group of women who come from various student, cultural, and athletic activities across campus. We share a passion in pursuing literary, intellectual and cultural interests at Wellesley College. Facebook Page