Guidelines for Club & Organization websites

As you develop a public web site for your organization, remember that information may be accessed by other colleges eager to build connections with you, prospective students and their families, community service agencies, vendors, as well as anyone else in the rest of the world!
Wellesley College is committed to protecting freedom of expression while safeguarding the privacy and security of its students. In this spirit, we provide recognized student organizations with the following guidelines for the development, maintenance, and use of student organization web pages, derived from multiple college policies and regulations. Particular care should be taken to protect personal identities in order to help ensure your members' safety. Any threats or harassment of organization members should be reported immediately to the Campus Police.

Personal Information and Security

Providing personal information about individual members of an organization is strongly discouraged. Please do not list personal phone numbers and addresses, identify members in photographs, publish membership lists, or link to personal home pages. Limit contact information to the email address of a Google group that accepts e-mail and the organization's on-campus mailing address. If you identify members in photos, or publish member lists, make the pages viewable to your members only.

Photos, Stories, or Other Works of Art

The content of web sites should be discussed and approved by all members of an organization. In most cases, group photos at public or organizational events do not require release permission. However, artistic photos, individual photos, graphics, stories, and other works of art require a release from photographers, writers, artists, and subjects, including campus guests, outside speakers, etc. Any releases obtained should be archived and stored by the organization officers.

Copyright and Other Legal Considerations

Abide by all copyright laws and obtain permissions required to use any copyrighted materials including but not limited to photos, graphics, music, video, stories, etc. Properly cite sources. Refer to Wellesley College Copyright policy for assistance. For questions about copyright, contact Graham Henderson, 781.283.3514 ( ).

In addition, other federal & state laws may apply to some materials students wish to publish. If students or administrators are in doubt about the legal implications of some of the material they wish to publish, contact the Dean of Students Office, 781.283.2322.

Commercial Links and Merchandise

Commercial sponsors should not be mentioned by name or logo on web sites and links should not be made to their web sites. Advertisements, product endorsements, and links to commercial sites are prohibited. If a commercial sponsor supports a particular event, the sponsor’s name may be used in connection with the event, but should be removed when the event is past. Even in a one-time event, no link is allowed to the commercial sponsor's web site.

Citing a business in a publication as part of a review or editorial may be acceptable if part of the publication's intent, but links to the commercial web site are not allowed. Affiliated, non-commercial, not-for-profit organizations and their web sites can be included and links may be made to those sites. Merchandise can be offered on the web site as part of official club fund-raising. The club email should be used to arrange purchases.

Web Site Changes

Organizations are expected to update their Web pages and keep the information current. If pages are not updated on a regular basis, they will not be useful. Any pages which are unedited for over 1 year may be unlinked and removed from the public web list of student organizations.  

Links to sites may also be removed if they do not conform to the Guidelines for the Development of Student Organization Web Sites, other Wellesley College guidelines and policies,especially the Honor Code.