Office of Intercultural Education

Mission Statement

The mission of the Office of Intercultural Education is to promote the cultural competence development of students through intercultural activities and programs. It also provides support and advocacy for students of color and students who identify as LGBTQIA through Acorns and Harambee Houses and the LGBTQ Programs and Services.  

Our Values

We strive to act with empathy

We believe that open-mindedness is essential to educational excellence

We believe that personal growth is a lifelong process

We believe in building competence in our professional areas

We value collaboration through relationship building

We believe in supporting our communities

We strive to act with integrity

We believe in the power of communication

We value engaging in dialogues for understanding


Areas of Focus


Develop students’ knowledge and skills to enable them to engage one another across social identities.


Develop a vibrant and inclusive sense of community on campus by affirming social identities through the support of particular cultural communities.


Enable students to participate in experiences to develop the skills to lead in an increasingly interconnected and interdependent world.