Office of Intercultural Education

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Office of Intercultural Education is to promote the cultural competence development of students through intercultural activities and programs. It also provides support and advocacy for students of color and students who identify as LGBTQ+ through Acorns and Harambee Houses and the LGBTQ Programs and Services.

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Our Team

  • Mared Alicea-Westort

    Mared Alicea-Westort

    Assistant Dean of Intercultural Education and Advisor to Latinx Students
    Acorns House
  • Patricia Birch

    Patricia Birch

    Assistant Dean for Intercultural Education, Director of Harambee House, and Advisor for Students of African Descent
    Harambee House
  • Dean Inés Maturana  Sendoya

    Dean Inés Maturana Sendoya

    Associate Dean of Students for Inclusion and Engagement
    Billings 310
  • Karen Shih

    Karen Shih

    Assistant Dean of Intercultural Education and Advisor to Students of Asian Descent
    Acorns House
Our Values

We strive to act with empathy

We believe that open-mindedness is essential to educational excellence

We believe that personal growth is a lifelong process

We believe in building competence in our professional areas

We value collaboration through relationship building

We believe in supporting our communities

We strive to act with integrity

We believe in the power of communication

We value engaging in dialogues for understanding

Learning Outcomes


By participating in these programs, students will develop knowledge and skills to enable them to engage one another across social identities.


By participating in OICE activities, students will gain a sense of belonging on campus


By participating in these programs, students will aquire skills to lead in an increasingly interconnected and interdependent world.


For a list of our resources, click here

Class ’71 Professional Development Fund

Thanks to the generosity of Class ’71, the Office of Intercultural Education is pleased to fund professional development opportunities for students not funded otherwise by the College, affiliated with Harambee House, Acorns, the Penthouse, and the Slater International Center. These professional development opportunities could include but are not limited to attendance at conferences, leadership retreats, certifications, graduate school preparation, among others. Interested students should first reach out to their cultural advisor to discuss the request. Awards (up to $200) will be given on a rolling basis. Currently enrolled students can only apply once. View application.