Rules of the House

2019-2020 Acorns House Rules and Regulations

Please read through these REVISED rules and regulations carefully. Failure to meet expectations may result in loss of the privilege to use the space.

In addition to completing this form, please make a reservation through 25Live. However, if your group is un-constituted, you are only required to complete this form.

If possible, weekday events should start no sooner than 4:30 PM as Assistant Deans are usually working during the day. Reservations are made on a first come, first serve basis. 

In observation of Latinx Month and Asian Awareness Month, these events will take precedence. 

Because there have been issues regarding the cleanliness of our kitchen space, it is now required to obtain a key to access Acorns' kitchen supplies.


Please uphold the following expectations in every space:

• ALL trash must be deposited in the outside dumpsters.

• ALL leftover food should be discarded or taken with you. 

• ALL serving platters, paper products, etc. that is not property of Acorns must be taken with you and cannot be left at Acorns.

• Please return all furniture to its original location. 

• Equipment/furniture cannot leave the building.

• All lights should be turned off and doors/windows locked when leaving.

• Air conditioning or heating system should be returned to its original state.


• Acorns maintains a strict no alcohol policy. 


Please uphold the specific expectations for each space, in addition to the general rules.


**Please contact Acorns House staff ( for the key to Acorns' kitchen supplies. The key must be returned to them, no later than 24 hours following your event.

The key can be picked up by e-mailing the Acorns House e-mail listed above.

• Capacity: 8

• ALL pots/pans and all other cooking utensils/etc. must be washed/put away or put in dishwasher.

• Counter/stovetop/ovens/microwave must be cleaned if used.

• Do not use the refrigerator labeled STAFF ONLY.


• Capacity: 18

• The table can be extended to accommodate 2 additional people. The ends of the table must be pulled apart at the same time. Please do so gently. 

• If using the dining room table to serve/eat food, please use the tablecloth and plastic table protector. This is provided.

• Wipe the table clean.


• Capacity: 6


• Capacity: 49


• If you are interested in using the monitor, you will be provided with a box of cables. Please make sure to return all cables to the box and to return the box to its original location.


• Capacity: 43

• The screen door and main doors leading outside must remain closed. This is to prevent the entrance of bugs into Acorns and to preserve the heating/air conditioning within the house. 


• Refrain from sitting at and using the staff desk space, which is intended solely for the use of Acorns House Staff.