Blueprint for Leadership

The Blueprint for Leadership Program is offered twice per year as the Blueprint for Leadership I and the Blueprint for Leadership II.  In the spring semester the Blueprint for Leadership I focuses on First Years and Sophomores who are interested in building leadership capacities.  The program selects 50 students to participate via an application process.  Once selected the students participate in a 3-4 part series which focuses on Emotional Intelligence, Relational Leadership Theory and provides opportunities for students to put the leadership theories into practice by participating in case studies. 

The Blueprint for Leadership II is offered in the fall semester to participants who completed the Blueprint for Leadership I.  This 3 part series concentrates on Emotional Intelligence and breaks down the domains of Emotional Intelligence (self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and social skills) so that participants may examine their strengths and areas for improvement in each domain.  This series is truly about self-reflection to help participants expand their leadership capacities by increasing their personal Emotional Intelligence.

Blueprint for Leadership I Spring 2016 (only the classes of 2019 and 2020 are eligible) Dates for 2017 will be announced in December  Application found here:

Blueprint for Leadership II (only those who completed Blueprint I are eligible) September 27, October 4th & October 18th, 2016.