Class Councils

What are Class Councils?

Each class year at Wellesley College has a governing body called a Class Council. The Council is made up of an executive board of at least four positions - president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer - that are elected by students in the class year they represent. Class Councils provide leadership in shaping the identity of the class and plan programs that bring the class together and promote strong community connections.

Who are Class Councils? 

There is currently a Class Council for the Class of 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, and Davis Scholars.

What are the responsibilities?

Class Councils typically meet weekly to plan and prepare for how they will live out the mission and goals for the Class Council.   

Class Councils main responsibitlies include planning events and representing/advocating for the needs of their Class. 

The responsibilities of each position might vary per Class Council, but most likely the:

  • President - organizes and sets vision for the Council and events/programs. 
  • Vice-President - supports the president and Council in living out the mission and goals. 
  • Treasurer - responsible for preparing a budget, managing finances for events and fundraisers, and following SOFC financial processes. 
  • Secretary - keeps record of meetings, events, and documents that outline the work of the Council.