Sophomore Leadership Living Learning Community

Sophomore Leadership Living Learning Community


Wellesley College is creating a new living and learning space for students to grow in their leadership identity and personal understanding of leadership! If you are a rising sophomore and are interested in leadership growth in partnership with your peers, apply to live in the Leadership Living Learning Community for the 2020-2021 academic year.


We are looking for students who are committed to engaging in an experience that models the Wellesley leadership framework:

  • learning about self
  • learning about others
  • learning about purpose

​Guided by this framework, and supported by staff, students in this community will examine and begin to practice leadership skills in pursuit of greater alignment between self, others, and purpose. Our goal is that students engage in a community that will allow for a more developed sense of personal leadership identity, more experience working with and understanding others, and more clarity around personal values and how to live them in their daily life.


Students will then be empowered to share their experience with the wider Wellesley community.


Ideal community member: One who is interested in living in community with others, someone who is open to learning about themselves and others, and someone who is interested in conversations about leadership and living a values based life.

What makes it a "Living Learning Community"?: In addition to a commitment to living in community with others in discovery towards learning about self, others, and purpose; there will be programmatic components to support the community and its learning. For example:

  • Fall semester off-campus retreat
  • Weekly 1 hour shared meeting/activity with community members
  • Collaborative leadership development project in spring semester
  • Other activities designed and implemented by community members

Apply by March 5 on this application:

Who can apply?

Rising sophomores can apply to live in the Leadership Living Learning Community. 

Where is the community located? What type and how many rooms are there?

The community will be on the 3rd floor of Bates and can accommodate up to 14 students. 

All rooms are doubles. One room can accommodate a student with needs as a single. 

Can I apply to live with my friend?

You can encourage your friends to apply. 

There will be a section in the application to note if you are applying in connection to someone else and would like to be their roommate (if selected).  

Preference/priority will not be given to applicants who apply in connection to someone else. 

All selection decisions about community members will be based on applicants most interested in living in alignment with the purpose and goals of the community. 


Is it possible to apply without a roommate in mind? How will I get a roommate?

It is possible to apply without a roommate in mind! And we encourage it. 

After the application closes, community members will be selected and informed. In this notification, they will be invited to a community meet and greet. Time will be spent at this meeting for community members to share who they are as a roommate and what they are looking for in a roommate. At the conclusion of the meeting, community members will complete a preference form and assignments will be made from there. 


When will the retreat be? What exactly is the project?

The retreat timing will be influenced by the availability of community members, but will likely be scheduled right before school starting (come back a little early) OR some time in the first month of school. 

The project will be centered around the idea of purpose and will be influenced by students passions and interests.