Student Leader Selection and Training

The Class Deans Office, PLTC, PERA and Residential Life at Wellesley College combine efforts to select students for certain leadership positions. The shared process is demonstrative of the collaborative nature of the Division of Student Life and campus partners and streamlines application efforts for students.

Students have the unique opportunity to positively influence their peers by developing a sense of community in their residences halls and across campus through these positions. They have an opportunity to promote individual growth, connections to the College, and the development of tight-knit, welcoming, and inclusive communities. There are many ways to be engaged in leadership at Wellesley College. Below are only a few of the positional opportunities.

The following positions are selected through a shared online application and timeline in spring semester (due February 14, 2020):

  • Resident Assistant
  • Orientation Mentor (OM)
  • Academic Success Coach (ASC)
  • Athlete Mentor Program (AMP)

All of these positions, plus College Government and Slater Executive Board, return to campus before the academic year begins to participate in a shared training model. For this reason, you cannot hold two positions listed above (except AMP +1).

If you have any questions about applying, please email